Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cream with chocolate scarf

This scarf is crocheted with Canon Simply Soft. The pattern was given to me by a non-crocheter.

Meandering Scarf

Fun pattern to knit, also from the LionBrand website.

Dish Cloth

I will work up a dish cloth in multiple colors.

Dish Cloth

Knitting dish cloths are a passion of mine; using cotton from Lionbrand and Peaches and Creme.

Ari stays warm

This is the first sweater and hat set I knitted for my Great Grand-Daughter ---- Ari. The pattern is from the LionBrand website; which is a favorite site of mine

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a corner

We all need a space which we can do what we do. It doesn't matter much what we do.....our own space is important. Here is a corner of this world wide web to display my crafts.....knitting, crocheting, writing and whatever I do. Thanks for stopping by my corner....reB's Corner.