Friday, January 29, 2010

In Honor of my Best Friend GERALDINE

    Geraldine was one of three of my Best Friends. She was a plain and honest character who loved who she loved. Her remarkable ability to be a friend to many caused her to be a confidant to hundreds. Her quiet and sometimes forciful manner influenced hundreds of Hempstead's children.
     Geraldine went to be with the LORD on January 17, 2010. I miss her very much. She was my cheerleader and I was hers. We were fellow crafters, readers and warriors. Gerri knew much about the people of our community and could settle disputes quietly and quickly. It was never about her; it was about all.
    This doll I completed recently was to be given to her even though I told her it wasn't, but she knew better. However, she passed before I could surprise her with it.
     I named her Gerri-Ann in honor of Geraldine and Ann, my Mother. Since my Best Friend is no longer here in the physical I gave Gerri-Ann to Gerri's precious niece.

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